Formal Training
$600.00 per month
All inclusive (birds, feed, training costs)
3-4 month format
Any flea/tick and/or heartworm treatment at owners expense

Tune Ups
$600.00 per month
Dogs previously trained at Hypointe Training Center are eligible to return for "annual tune ups" prior to each hunting season.
Any flea/tick and/or heartworm treatment at owners expense

Private Instruction
On premises private instruction is offered at $100.00 an hour, $300.00 for a half day and $500.00 for a full day of instruction. Advance notice is required.

Field Trialing/Hunt Testing Available
All amateur trials must be conducted by amateur status handler.

Ensuring Your Dogs Health
During training, top performance is required of bird dogs. A strict health regime is conducted and Eukanuba is fed to assure that dogs are receiving the best nutrition available.

For dogs to be accepted for training, proof of all vaccinations, freedom of internal and external parasites, and certification of good health is required.
Bordatella is required at least 2 weeks prior to bringing the dog to the premises for any program. Hypointe Training Centers reserve the right to take any training dog to the Delmont Veterinary Hospital (724-468-8000) for emergencies or other health concerns. Owners will be responsible for any necessary veterinary care.

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